barbaraBarb has an amazing story I wanted to share in her own words. "I started my journey to lose 247lbs. I was scared that I couldn’t do it and that I would have to resort to surgery. At the time I was on 75 Units of Insulin in the morning and at night. I knew I had weight to lose. It was making me tired. I couldn’t walk without a walker or move well at all. I love to eat and I missed fast food but I stuck to it.

To date, I have lost 246 lbs. Traveling has become fun again I can’t believe how easy it is to go places. I don’t have to worry about getting where I need to go.

As a result of my weight loss, my doctor lowered my insulin. I am constantly amazed how the plan works; it has become easier to lead a healthy life and I feel in control. I still want all those things I used to eat but it doesn’t haunt me all day long as in the past. My journey has not been easy nor have I reached my destination but now I know that I can reach all of my goals.