connieI love Connie’s story because it teaches us so many things. Before the program she had already made a decision to get healthy. She had eliminated processed foods and chosen to be vegetarian. While she saw some health benefits, they had very little impact on reducing her weight. Connie admits that she had to set aside some “concepts” that she had about our structured eating plan and she made a decision to be “coachable” and now she has escaped the disease of obesity. Connie didn’t wait until she reached her goal weight to become a health coach. She knew that others in her life needed this clinically proven program and that she could walk them through what she had started. Three years later, over 3,000 lbs has been lost in her community as a result of her decision to get past her own skepticism and start the program. What are the lessons I think her story conveys? I’ve learned that weight loss requires more than just eating high quality food. We need to fuel our bodies with the right balance and combination of nutrients. Also, like Connie, we must be “coachable” if we truly desire transformation. And finally, when we make a decision to get healthy, we have an impact on our world around us!