diane"What a trip this has been. This all started when a friend posted a picture of me on Facebook that was one of those "OH MY GOSH, How HORRIBLE I looked" pictures. That was my "do something" moment. Thank goodness my cousin had amazing success on this program and I had been thinking about it for quite a while. Within a week of that picture being posted, I started the program and the rest is history.

I no longer take medication for Type II Diabetes. I no longer have to use a CPAP machine, I can actually walk 4.5 miles, I lost over 100 LBS., and I wear a smaller size now, than I did in High School.

The the best part of all is that my family is reaping the rewards of getting healthy as well. My 13 year old daughter has now lost 28 lbs. and my husband has lost 40 lbs. We are walking examples of what this program can do!