With the holiday season here, eating healthy typically seems more difficult since large meals and treats are abundant.  Despite the holiday season bringing indulgences, following a healthy diet doesn’t need to be confusing. The definition of good nutrition is balancing important ingredients like water, fiber, proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals to take in the essential nutrition needed to help your body function at its best.  Embrace these healthy eating tips this holiday season to keep healthy eating a priority!

Don’t Skip Meals

When you know that an indulgent meal, like a Christmas dinner, is coming up, skipping meals so you’ll have “more room” may seem like a great idea. Skipping meals before indulging in a large one however, tends to lead to overeating and other poor eating choices being made.  Remember, eating three smaller, balanced meals and three low glycemic snacks every day will prevent you from becoming ravenous and eating whatever is in sight.

Cheers to Your Health

Your drink choices are just as important as your food choices during meals. Drinking plenty of water all day is a good practice no matter the time of year. If you indulge in alcoholic drinks, remember that they contain a LOT of sugar. Add some seltzer to a glass of wine to make a spritzer. Make a pitcher of flavored sparking water like LaCroix, or an unsweetened tea to have a flavored alternative to water. You can also make your plain water colorful by adding lemons, limes or berries.

Bring a Dish

If you’re going to a holiday party, bring a healthy holiday recipe to share. Many traditional holiday dishes can still be made, but choose better ingredients and organic foods when you’re shopping.  Don’t feel you have to stick to traditional choices during the holidays.... Make new traditions and cook what you want.

Indulge Intelligently

Desserts and sweets will be plentiful during the holidays. Telling yourself that you can’t eat any sweets will most likely set yourself up for failure. When you do indulge in something sweet, make it smaller and worth it. Think of fresh fruit dipped in dark chocolate or a cobbler using fresh fruits. Keep the portions small and you won’t feel like you’re missing out!