Can you eat every two to three hours?  If yes, you can change your LIFE.  Your Certified Health Coach will help you figure out how to make this sort of meal schedule fit easily into your day.  Here’s an example of the schedule you’ll use on the program.

First, eat a small healthy breakfast within thirty minutes of rising, say at 7:00 in the morning.  Two to three hours later, eat a low-glycemic snack and so on, throughout the day.

7:00   Breakfast

9:00   Low-glycemic Snack

12:00 Lunch

3:00   Low-glycemic Snack

6:00   Dinner

9:00   Low-glycemic Snack

You’ll see that our programs include healthy meals. They may be smaller than the standard American dinner of enough meat and potatoes to feed an army but the good news is that your body won’t want a big meal. You’ll be satisfied with a modest amount of healthy food, because your body’s desires will have changed.

          Excerpt from Dr. A’s Habits of Health (chapter 6, page 66)


Our program actually teaches you how to save money on your family food budget.

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