meal sizesUse a smaller plate – Avoid over-eating. By reducing the size of your plate at meal time, you can avoid that over-stuffed, too full, sometimes even painful feeling in your stomach.  You may also avoid heartburn as well.  Who wants to feel miserable after enjoying a delicious meal?  Take pleasure in the meal, but use a smaller plate to eliminate the side affects of over-eating.

Use a smaller plate– Lose weight. By reducing the size of your plate you can also reduce the amount of calories you are eating.  If you are trying to lose weight, this is a win-win for your success. Eat less and the pounds will melt away.  Using a smaller plate at meal time will help control your portions, reduce your calorie intake, and aid in your weight loss success.

Use a smaller plate – Save money.  This one just makes good economic sense.  If you are using a smaller plate for your meals, you are eating less and this will help you cut food expenses. Or you may still prepare the meal the same way, but then you will have leftovers – another meal or two – for the next day. So whether you prepare less food or store the leftovers for another meal, you are saving money to spend on other fun stuff (for example, new clothes for that smaller you).

Use a smaller plate – Psychological benefits.  This one is probably my favorite.  Tricking your mind toward a healthier existence.  Experts say that using a smaller plate will benefit you in many ways, including the first 3 great reasons. Use your brain.  If you see that your plate is full, you will feel full when you finish.